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Welcome to Ashier's Portfolio Page.

Ashier is a developer with more than 8 years developing Rich Internet Applications. He has develop apps from console, desktop up to web applications for companies from industries such as banking, music, ads, e-learning, etc...

He's highly dedicated professional and very passionate about what he does.

Personal Experiments | https://github.com/ashier

** All personal experiments are work in progress

Jumper.js | https://github.com/ashier/jumper.js
Node.js, Express, Mongoose, Twitter Bootstrap, LESS, HTML5/CSS3

Jumper.js is a django inspired node.js framework. My aim is to provide a framework with almost similar django development experience but in node.

Node Blog | https://github.com/ashier/nodeblog
Node.js, Express, Mongoose, Twitter Bootstrap, Backbonejs, Requirejs, LESS, HTML5/CSS3

My first attempt playing with node.js. Now it servers as a reference code for my future node.js projects.

Node.js Flickr Search for Pollenizer | http://pollenizer.ashier.com
Node.js Flickr Search for Pollenizer
Node.js, Express, Mongoose, Twitter Bootstrap, Backbonejs, Requirejs, LESS, HTML5/CSS3

Quiz coding example for pollenizer. http://github.com/ashier/node-flickr-search/

HTML Common Examples | http://ashier.github.io/html-common/
Node.js Flickr Search for Pollenizer
Twitter Bootstrap, LESS, HTML5/CSS3

Gallery of useful examples using Bootsrap.https://github.com/ashier/html-common/

djangoCP | https://github.com/ashier/djangocp
Cocoa, Objective-C, Django

My way of giving back to the django community. Mac application that will help developers generate virtual environment, projects and apps and of course at the same time manage these inside the desktop application.


A. EnglishCentral | http://englishcentral.com

EnglishCentral Player
EnglishCentral New Player
Flex3, AS3, Photoshop, Javascript, HTML/CSS

B. Adchemy | http://adchemy.com

Intent Map
Adchemy Intent Map
Flex3, AS3, LCDS, MATE, FlexMonkey, Java, Apache Tomcat

Support Tool
Grails, Twitter Bootstrap, Backbonejs, Underscorejs, HTML/CSS

C. Aleph Labs | http://aleph-labs.com

Standard Chartered Bank
Flex3, AS3, SOAP Webservice, Proprietary Framework, HTML/CSS

Adobe FontFinder | http://www.adobe.com/type/fontfinder/ Adobe Font Finder Flex3, AS3, XML, Cairngorm, HTML/CSS

Sungard Intellisuite Sungard Intellisuite Flex3, AS3, PureMVC, HTML/CSS

Deutsche Bank Flex3, AS3, XML, Cairngorm, HTML/CSS

D. Behringer | http://behringer.com

Dealer/Sales Portal
Dealer Portal / Sales Portal

Flex2, AS3, WebService, HTML/CSS

E. Wablet | http://wablet.com

Flash, AS2, Javascript, AJAX, HTML/CSS

F. FBMSoftware | http://fbmsoftware.com

Flash, AS2, Javascript, AJAX, HTML/CSS, Photoshop

FBM Extreme Support
FBM Extreme Support
Flash, AS2, Flex2, AS3, WebService, HTML/CSS, Photoshop

Contact Me

If you have any inquiries, email me at ashier@gmail.com.